What is Hope Vision Ministry?

A Home of Hope

Hope Vision Ministry is an orphanage located in Port de Paix, Haiti that currently houses 42 children.  Hope Vision is operated by Pastor Andy and his family.  The children who make up Hope Vision Ministry range in age from newborn to eighteen years old.  Some children have come from the government while other children come straight from the streets that Pastor Andy has come to know.

On January 12, 2010, a massive earthquake struck Haiti, and both the church and the orphanage were tremendously impacted by the effects of this disaster.  Those effects are still evident throughout Haiti’s streets, but God has used the devastation that followed as an opportunity for His disciples to bring healing, freedom, and hope in the name of Jesus.

A Season of Growth

In 2012 Pastor Andy purchased about 5 acres of land out in the country just outside of Port de Paix.  Since then, we have been able to build an move them to the new facility!  This new home offers the children a safe place to live and play.  The mission of Hope Vision is to give them an opportunity to have a good life outside the walls of Hope Vision while being a Light in a very dark place.  Pastor wants to equip the children with skills that will allow them to go out and find jobs after their time at Hope Vision.  This will allow them the opportunity to go and be the hands and feet of Jesus and give them the opportunity to spread the Good News all throughout Haiti.

Children of Hope Vision


Jeffnica is a sassy little girl with a strong personality! She loves to have fun and dance.


Matthias loves to fly kites and play hide-and-seek. He is, also, very fearless and willing to try anything.


Wilda is spunky and full of life! She loves to play with others hair and is a dancing machine!


Thierry is always in on the action and playing with marbles. He has the most beautiful big brown eyes.


Sherline has a spunky and fun personality. She loves to dance and be held by anyone willing!


Yvena is full of energy and loves to listen to music and she can often be found dancing around Hope Vision.


Blandine is quiet but loves to be silly when she thinks no one is watching. Her smile can light up the room!


Yolande is a great friends and often helps out the younger children. She has such a fun personality!


Lolo loves to play marbles, swim, and play basketball. He is very silly and can get anyone to smile!


Manouska loves to be in the arms of anyone willing to hold her and has a beautiful smile that is simply contagious!


Eriles loves to play basketball, watch movies, and run from any camera pointed in his direction.


Jedina loves to jump rope, fly kites, and watch movies. She is always smiling and ready to play!


Lele is a timid young boy who loves to play with rocks and is always found with a smile.


Bina is a sweet shy girl who is always smiling and observing what is going on around her.


Kerlo loves to eat peanut butter, play marbles, and fish. His favorite movie is Hulk.


Renalto loves to play jacks, swing, draw with chalk, and watch movies. He is a great friend to everyone.


Mika loves having her picture taken and has the sweetest face. She loves wearing sunglasses and flashing a big grin.


Love-Gina is always singing, dancing, or smiling! She has the best energy and is always ready to have some fun.


Lovenson has these intriguing eyes that capture you the moment you look at him. He is also a very curious little boy.


Rodlin loves to swing, throw balls, and be held. He loves to dance and has the cutest laugh that will make anyone smile.


Deborah loves to smile and cuddle up into any lap she can find. She also to play with loves dolls.


KaKou is full of energy! He has a funny personality and loves to perform for anyone that will watch him.


Jean loves to play basketball, smile, and watch movies. He has the biggest smile and the cutest dimples ever!

Naika (Chi-Chi)

Chi-Chi has the best smile and loves to dance!  She’s also always ready to crawl into someone’s lap and be held.


Josemika is a little shy but she loves to be held. She also gives the best smiles and is a great dancer!


Adlet loves to play games, play with remote control cars, fish, swim, and play marbles. He also loves to watch movies!


Wildorf loves to play basketball, soccer, watch movies, and occasionally go swimming.


Fedlin is a fun, active little boy that will steal your heart with his smile and personality. He lights up any room he’s in!


Guerlande is a little shy but super sweet. She’s a great cook and likes to help in the kitchen.


Rochney loves to play basketball, fly kites, watch movies, and swim. He is also great at crocheting.


Tamara loves to play basketball and swim. She is always smiling and observing what is going on around her!


Chelda loves to watch everything that is going on around her as she wears a constant smile on her face.


Gina is silly and sassy. She tries hard not to crack a smile but ends up grinning anytime someone smiles at her!


Tevins loves to explore and observe what is going on around him. He loves to smile for the camera!


Rockly loves to play on the learning laptop and play  basketball. He also likes to swim and do tricks!


Pachoute loves to play basketball. He is also very ticklish, and his laugh is absolutely precious.

Stevenson (Este)

Stevenson loves to play games, marbles, and dance. He has the best laugh and loves to swim!


Emmauel Luke is absolutely precious! He is laughing, smiling, making sweet baby sounds and growing wonderfully.

Vilanda (Dada)

Vilanda loves to play dolls and cards. She watches over all the little children, and loves to pose for a picture.


Tika can often be found helping the younger children and doing hair. She is a little shy, but has the most precious smile!


James loves to play marbles, swim, and fly kites. He is also the best big brother to his siblings!