Haiti Gospel Fund

Our Mission:

Haiti Gospel Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to furthering His Kingdom in Haiti. We exist to empower and resource local pastors and churches to carry the gospel in and throughout Haiti.

Our Vision:

We seek to connect pastors, ministries, and churches in Haiti with those here in the United States who want to come alongside and aid in the spreading of the Gospel through evangelism, church planting, orphan care, medical aid and truth of the Good News.

Board Members:

TJ Bargeron

TJ began serving on HGF in 2014. Serving as a board member for the first two years before becoming the Chairman of the board in 2016. TJ is an Elder at Capstone Church and has been to Hope Vision multiple times including a short term trip with his wife for 5 weeks in 2013.

Steve Barbour

Steve began serving on HGF as a board member in 2016. Since his election onto the board, Steve has overseen all construction that has taken place at HVM. Steve is a member at Mauldin First Baptist Church and serves on their missions board.

Katee Marlar

Katee recently joined HGF in 2020.  However, she has been involved in Haiti since 2012.  Katee has taken many trips to Hope Vision helping with construction, evangelism, camps, and VBS.  Katee serves as the secretary of HGF and helps with our sponsor communications.

Mike Morris

Mike began serving on HGF as a board member in 2017. He is the Lead Pastor at Oak Pointe Church and has lead many of their teams down to HVM. Even before his time on HGF, Mike has been an advocate for Pastor Andy and the children of HVM.

Chris Barrineau

Chris began serving on HGF in 2018. He has been involved with Hope Vision since 2010, leading many trips to HVM over the years. Chris serves as the treasurer for HGF. Chris is the executive Pastor at Capstone Church.

Brian Adkins

Brian began serving on HGF in 2018. Even before his time on HGF, Brian has served as a resource for creating and sustaining power at HVM. Brian is a member at Capstone Church and has spent many trips on creating reliable power at HVM.

John Lewis

John is an active member of Mauldin First Baptist and has been involved with Hope Vision Ministry for many years.  John has taken multiple trips to Haiti and has played an important role over the years in the construction phase.