On Mission for Christ

Being on mission for Christ is something He commanded us to do, but it’s not something that we all have convictions about. Most of us think that to be a missionary, we must leave the life we know and go to a far away land to proclaim His promises. Though some of us are called to live that truth out, it’s not the only way to do so. We’ve been given the authority and power of Christ, which is something that should be poured out over the people we come in contact in our work places, the grocery store, the mall, the ballpark, everwhere. Jesus went where His Father led Him to go, and the same is true for the rest of us. We are to be Jesus to everyone we meet, and that’s what makes us a missionary. Someone who is on mission for Christ. Simple as that.

May you be encouraged to live out the Great Commission in Matthew 28 with every breath you breathe. May the Spirit of the Lord inspire you to be bold and gracious with those who have yet to follow Him. May you die to yourself every single day as you chase hard after the character of Christ. May you ask our Savior for wisdom and seek His heart on the situations that arise, believing that He who is faithful will bring peace to your soul and direct your paths.

Jesus commands us to follow Him, drawing near to His heart and becoming more and more like Him. It’s against our nature to seek Him, which is why we must make Him a priority, choosing Him over all the distractions that Satan tries to throw in our way. We can’t be on mission for Him if we don’t know Him, and we can’t become like Him if we don’t know Him. May we know Him. Like never before.

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