Meet the Board: Introducing Trey Cribb

Haiti Gospel Fund is led by a board of 9 individuals.  We are happy to introduce you to another Board Member this month:  Trey Cribb.  We know his story will resonate with many of you.  Trey has served on the board since January of 2013 and has been especially valuable in sharing his knowledge of construction and building plans for Hope Vision Orphanage.

Trey married his beautiful wife, Leslie, in 2007.  The couple lives in Pelzer, SC with their two children, Liam (3) and Adalynn Grace (2 months).  Trey didn’t grow up  attending church (with the exception of the occasional Sunday going with a friend).  Most of his life, he admits to rebelling against the church and having a very poor view of Christians in general.  He says he would have never wanted to align himself with them or their beliefs.  That all changed in 2003, during one of the most rebellious times of his life, when Jesus showed him grace and brought Trey into relationship with himself.

Trey, Leslie and Liam just before the arrival of Adalynn Grace

Trey’s first trip to Haiti was nine years later in 2012.  Trey says that to witness someone created in God’s image struggling to eat was an eye opening thing for him.  He says, “compound that with the image bearer being an orphaned child and you start to realize following Jesus is about more than Sunday mornings, quiet times, and Bible studies.”  As Trey spent the week in Port de Paix, he realized he had become one of the Christians he never wanted to be.  He realized his faith had been about loving himself, not the love of God and others.

He says he wouldn’t have realized these things without being around Haitian men and women.  Meeting people like Pastor Andy, who’s faith and determination to spread the Gospel can only be equated to the Apostle Paul’s.  Trey was further amazed with Fred’s passion and determination in Haiti.  Fred stayed up nights guarding Trey and the other team members and spent his days spreading the Gospel and supporting his young family.  While Trey has only been to Haiti twice in his 29 years, in those short two times he gained a love of the Haitian people because of how much love they were able to show when life seemed so hard.  They’re his brothers and sisters in Christ.  They’re part of the church, and seeing them in need is like seeing someone from his home church family in need.


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