Meet Teeka and Meeka!

Teeka is 7 years old and her birthday is February 16, 2006.  She was first placed into the 1st grade when she arrived at Hope Vision Ministry Orphanage, but she performed at a higher academic level than one would expect for a first grader, so she will be moved to the 2nd  grade.  Meeka is her 4 year old sister and she is in pre-kindergarten.  Her birthday is September 17, 2009.  The girls have a half brother, Tervens, who also lives at HVM.  Their parents are deceased.  The girls lived in an orphanage in a town close to Port-de-Paix, but the Children’s Services of Haiti is closing the orphanage due to limited funding and access to basic care. These girls are adjusting very well to life here, and they love playing with all the children here.

These girls are our newest additions, and would be very excited to have a full sponsor through Haiti Gospel Fund.  Contact us at if you are interested in becoming Teeka or Meeka’s sponsor.

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