Meet Ceven!

Ceven is one of the older boys in Hope Vision Orphanage.  He is preparing to face life soon as an adult out on his own.  This can be a very difficult transition for children growing up in group homes and orphanages all around the world.  Knowing this would be a challenge, Pastor Andy, Ron and Karen worked to help Ceven develop life skills that would serve Ceven well in establishing a place for himself in Haiti outside of the walls of Hope Vision.

Ron had been working with Ceven to learn woodworking skills in the past.  Ceven had an instant knack for it!  At the start of the summer, arrangements were made to allow Ceven to work out in the community as an apprentice for a local craftsman who built caskets.  The craftsman agreed to take Ceven on and teach him in his shop.  A tuition of sorts was paid to the man to teach Ceven all about the casket making business.

Cevens first day as an apprentice was July 15th.  The very next day, Pastor Andy received a phone call from the local man.  He could not believe how much Ceven already knew!  He was blown away by the knowledge and abilities that Ceven was able to demonstrate…even on his first day!  Ceven’s “boss” has predicted that Ceven could be in business for himself within a few months time.

Praise the Lord for the opportunity for Ceven to establish a productive life for himself and be able to contribute to his community in Haiti.  Praise the Lord for Ceven’s work ethic and skills.  Praise the Lord for Pastor Andy, Ron and Karen who work toward helping these children become men and women of God!

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