While we were in Haiti, my prayer was always an elaboration of the same simple theme—Jesus, please bring salvation to this nation. May your love, mercy, and grace be poured out over these people, our brothers and sisters, and use us as vessels to do so. When spiritual warfare was upon me, I claimed Romans 5:3-4 over the situation at hand and begged Jesus to build His character in me and my husband, TJ. Was that easy to do? Absolutely not. I’m still learning to communicate in love, but I’m confident that’s something I’ll always be learning. Praise be to the Father for never giving up on me when I learn the same lesson for my whole life.

I spent a lot of my time there in frustration, which made me lean even more wholly on the Rock, commanding my spirit to rejoice. When hard times come, especially those we don’t understand, we must keep hold of Jesus, trusting that He is working all things together for the good of those who love Him as He promises. When we don’t understand, that is simply another time to praise our Savior, for He is a God of mystery and goodness. His righteousness and sovereignty will always go ahead of us, preparing the way for us to further carry His name. Even when our flesh is weaker than ever before, we will be strong—for we are conquerors in the name of Jesus Christ!

In spite of my frustrations, there was one thing that was greater than them. It was the very thing that 1 Corinthians 13 tells us is the greatest of all. Love. More love than I could possibly know. It’s bizarre to think that small children were able to love us better than we loved them, but it’s true. We loved them as best as we could, yet they still out-loved us. Hearing their sweet voices, squeezing them tightly when they jumped into my arms, winking at them from across the way and seeing them attempt to wink back at me, being asked a million questions about everything under the sun, and so many other things made me fall hopelessly in love with them. Their innocent, pure love made me want to love harder and more deeply and without fail. Being in the midst of a love like Jesus’ love was the biggest blessing I can ever remember receiving.

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