June 2013 Mission Trip

A team of nine returned from a week long trip to Hope Vision last month.  This team included high school students, parents, husbands and young adults from various churches and even a few states!  While the planned focus was to host a basketball camp, the team was able to experience and give so much more!  Some of them had been before and already had a connection with the kids.  They witnessed first hand the growth in the lives of these precious children.  They also returned with reports of a desperate need to get the new orphanage built.  While they were in Haiti, they visited and prayed over the newly acquired land where building has already begun.

Here’s what the team reported back…in their own words:

“I wanted to go back to Haiti to see the kids again and to show them that we care and will consistently support and love them.”

“God spoke to me during the trip and I now truly realize I can’t and don’t do things or accomplish something by myself.  I needed more strength and energy than I thought I had and God gave me strength each day when I thought I wouldn’t make it through the day.”

“As I return home my focus will be not to waste the ‘gifts’ God has given me.  I won’t be as lazy and waste my time each day and actually go out and do the Lord’s work in my community.  Even something as small as giving 2 hours a week of my time can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  I will also be more willing to share the gospel wherever and whenever I can.”

“It is so amazing how much the children love God when they do not have much.”

“From this trip, I’ve learned how to love better as Christ loves us.  To give more of my time and to quit complaining about unworthy things.  I must be appreciative of all of the blessings I have and use those blessings to help others in a way that would please God.”

“I learned that no matter where you live or how much you have, God is all you need and it is important to have faith in Him.”

“My goal as I come home is to help get the new orphanage built in any way I can.  I know I won’t be the one actually building it, but I can do other things.  Whether it is supporting others who are going or giving in any way I can.  This new orphanage NEEDS to be built.”

We are so thankful for those willing to go.  For those willing to support others in going.  And for those of you who support these children even without going.

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