Feb 2014 Construction Updates

The start of 2014 reveals a whole new look to the Hope Vision Ministry land.  In the month of December, much progress was made through your generous donations.  The floor was poured for the Girls’ Dorm and made way for the walls to start going up.  By the end of December the walls were done.

A team from Oak Pointe Church from Greenville, South Carolina helped to get the wall started around the property.  This is going to be a large and expensive project, but this wall is going to protect those precious children from getting loose in the country side and keep any enemies out.  Thanks to our friends at Oak Pointe for making the trip to Port de Paix, Haiti and raising the money needed to get the wall started.  If you would like to help to donate to the construction of this new children’s home in Haiti, click here and then on the “Donate” button on the upper right hand corner of our HGF page.

Pastor Andy is excited to report that the roof is also now completed on the Girls’ Dorm.  Stay tuned for our monthly newsletters for more Construction Updates.

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