Capstone Summer Haiti 2016 Trip Report

Capstone Church recently sent a team of 11 men and women to spend a week in Port-de-Paix, Haiti with Pastor Andy and the children of Hope Vision Ministry.  The team was filled with both returning missionaries as well as a few who were serving for the first time.  We truly enjoyed our time spent with our family at Hope Vision.

The week started off with a miniature basketball camp for the children at HVM where the kids were able to complete drill stations and play a few basketball games.  The team then spent the next three days at the new land where we were digging a septic tank for the boy’s dormitory.  While this task was extremely hard work, it was amazing to see how God worked through this!  Having the opportunity to work beside our team, kids from HVM, and Haitian workers was a blessing.  We didn’t finish digging the hole to its fullness, but we were able to dig a 10x10x8 hole for the septic tank.  To wrap up the week, the team conducted a mini volleyball camp, which was a new sport for the children. They were excited to try something new at first, but when they discovered that the volleyball could be used as a soccer ball, plans quickly changed.  In addition to the sport camps and digging, the team guided the children in several VBS activities.  We loved seeing their hearts for the Lord and their desire to learn more about Him while we crafted and shared stories from God’s Word!

The team was able to treat the children and workers of HVM to a special outing on our last day: we all loaded up on the two tap-taps and went to the beach!  This was a blessing for everyone.  The children laughed, danced, and played the whole day.  There was no denying the joy that the beach trip brought everyone.

Overall, the trip could not have been any better.  The time Capstone teams get to spend at HVM is always a time that we hold close to our hearts, and we are thankful that this is a place God has called us to go and make disciples.  Our next trip is in October, and we will be sending a team of four adults to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti.

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