Building is Underway!

The land that was purchased in 2012 will soon be the new home of Hope Vision Orphanage!  Plans are complete.  Construction has begun.  Funds are being committed.  God is at work.

The activity in the past few months has been awesome!  A team from Simpsonville First Baptist in Simpsonville, South Carolina broke ground in April and installed land markers.  Concrete posts now mark the boundaries of the property.  The team also began work on a water reservoir that was completed a few weeks after their return to the United States.

In preparation for the actual building construction, Pastor Andy has been able to purchase two block molds.  These molds will be used to make the concrete blocks that will serve as the foundation for the two dormitories.  The goal is for the foundation to be started by the end of this month!

Another team from Capstone Church in Fountain Inn, South Carolina will be traveling there in September with the goal of finishing the foundation if needed and will begin installing the rebar and forms for the columns.

Architectural drawings are complete and engineering plans are to come.  The image below is an architectural rendering of one of the dormitories to be built on site.  The dormitories for the kids is phase 1 and is considered to be a critical need due to many safety and structural issues at the orphanage’s current location.


The estimated cost of building both the girls’ and boys’ dormitory is around $80,000.  Haiti Gospel Fund currently has $28,000 toward the cost of both buildings raised.  If you’d like to contribute toward the building cost, please contact us at or go through our website to make an online contribution.


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