A day in the life of a child

Summer is a time when play abounds at Hope Vision Ministry!  Staying up late and sleeping in, swimming most days (sometimes even twice a day!), taking turns playing on the Gameboy from breakfast until dinner, working towards becoming a professional basketball or soccer player, fishing, playing marbles from dawn until dusk, and watching a movie every night are what each day consists of.  When school is out for the summer, every day is what you make it, no matter what nation you call home.

Any day can be like all the rest, or it can be unique.  Even the days that seem the same have a little bit of originality to them, whether it is simply a change in events.  Though play and fun are big priorities, discipline is emphasized just as much with our children.  If rules are broken or compromised, so is play time.  If chores are neglected, so is play time.  The importance of displaying truthfulness and respect is taught daily, and as each day passes, it is the desire at Hope Vision Ministry that strong characters are built, strengthened, and nourished.

Even when we are playing, many lessons can be learned.  When we lose, we are given the opportunity to resist the temptation to become angry and practice self-control.  When we have to wait your turn, patience is developed.  When our feelings get hurt, forgiveness calls to us.  When happiness flees from us, we remember the joy that is our through Christ Jesus.  When chaos is all around us, the peace of the Father is our protection.  When words of hate are spoken, we can speak words of love over them.  When we feel left out or left behind, remember that our God is forever faithful.  We can show kindness even to the most unkind.  We can be gentle in the face of aggression.  We can let the goodness of our Savior transform lives through our obedience.

A typical day at Hope Vision Ministry is one that is rarely predictable, but always filled with favor from the Lord.  Every morning we sing praises to Him who is enthroned on high, and every evening we conclude our day in the same way.  All of the children are regularly told stories about the life that Jesus lived, and His name is often spoken throughout each day.  Even when His name is not spoken, the staff displays His love so that His presence is still evident.  A day in the life of a child at Hope Vision Ministry is not one that can be explained in words nearly as well as it is experienced, and every child here eagerly awaits opportunities to meet new friends who come to visit them from afar!


Haiti Gospel Fund would like to thank Anna Bargeron for writing this article and giving us all a glimpse into the lives of the children at Hope Vision.
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