500/$20 Campaign

Earlier this year, a friend of Hope Vision Ministry named Peggie Parrot, felt God leading her to do more for the children of HVM.  Peggie is a personal friend of Ron and Karen Cockerham and goes to their home church, Stevens Street Baptist Church.  She knows the need for child sponsorship through Haiti Gospel Fund for the children of HMV.

Most of you know that you can sponsor a specific child with a partial sponsorship of $40 or $80 or a full sponsorship of $120.  Peggie felt God prompting her to help those individuals who would like to financially support Hope Vision Ministry but who could not afford to give $40 a month or more.  Peggy to started a campaign to find 500 people across the United States to give $20 a month towards Hope Vision Ministry.  If you personally or someone you know could commit to approximately $5 a week but maybe not the full $40/month sponsorship, please join Peggie’s quest and be one of the 500 to give $20 a month.  All donations to Haiti Gospel Fund are tax deductible.  If you would like more information, you can e-mail Peggie at pparrott@tntech.edu.

Peggie listened to God’s leading and feels like God will use this fundraising campaign to support Hope Vision Ministry.  Haiti Gospel Fund wants to encourage each of you to pray for ways you can get more involved in fundraising for Haiti.  There are lots of fundraising ideas, like yard sales, bake sales, golf tournaments, benefit concerts, and more.  Use your unique ideas and gifts to help raise financial support for Hope Vision Ministry.  Thank you in advance for all you do for the children of HVM.

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