2013 Year in Review

Dear Haiti Gospel Fund Supporter,

I pray you are enjoying the grace and renewal that a new year can bring.  The Board of Directors wants to sincerely thank you for your partnership with Haiti Gospel Fund this past year.  Please allow me to take a few minutes to reflect on 2013 and look forward to all that awaits in 2014.

2013 was the first full year that Haiti Gospel Fund has existed.  The Board of Directors has worked to raise financial support to send to Hope Vision Ministry in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Haiti.   We are proud to say that at the end of the year, we have more sponsors and donors than we had at the beginning.   One huge undertaking was the creation of our website, which now allows for supporters to read more about the mission of Haiti Gospel Fund, sign up to receive monthly newsletters and make financial donations.  Your generous donations have been used to glorify God by spreading His gospel through orphan care.

Haiti Gospel Fund raises funds, but Hope Vision Ministry (HVM) is the hands and feet of the Gospel in Haiti, and 2013 has seen many blessings for HVM as well. Hope Vision Ministry has fully paid for a new plot of land.  Footings have been laid and walls have been erected for the girls’ dorm.  The ministry is no longer in debt.  Some of the Hope Vision children have moved to other homes, while new little ones have been brought into the Hope Vision home.  Some of the children have gotten very sick, but all have been healed.  Many new churches have partnered with Hope Vision Ministry and Haiti Gospel Fund to financially support the ministry.  More than five U.S. short term mission teams and one couple from Fountain Inn, SC, who was able to spend five weeks, ministered alongside the HVM team throughout the year.  Some of the older boys at HVM have begun learning trades.  Even in the trials and difficult times, this past year has brought many reasons to praise our Father’s name.  God has guided and blessed the efforts of the Hope Vision Ministry Team in 2013.

Hope and excitement abound with the opportunities that 2014 will bring.  The girls’ dorm and Pastor Andy and Madame Pastor’s house on the new land will be completed towards the beginning of 2014.  HVM hopes to have the boys’ dorm completed by the end of 2014.  All of the children and staff will make the move to their new facilities this year, which will provide a place for the children to run and play as well as a much safer environment.  Plans for the new land include growing crops, having farm animals, and working towards self-sustainability.  HVM hopes to connect and empower more of the older teens with skills they can use to support themselves when the time comes for them to enter the workplace.  Specifically, there is a great need to help the older girls learn skills and trades to earn money such as sewing and housekeeping.  Of the 44 kids who currently live at HVM, 29 are fully sponsored as of today.  Haiti Gospel Fund would like to have every child fully sponsored at $120/month by the end of 2014.

These successes and goals are only attainable through your prayers and financial support.  Hope Vision Ministry and Haiti Gospel Fund continue to reach Haiti in Gospel-centered orphan ministry.  Thank you for playing a vital role in the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of the children.  Please join us in petitioning our God to bless Hope Vision Ministry in 2014.


Betsy Tanner
Chair of the Haiti Gospel Fund Board of Directors

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